How to post job ads?

How to post job ads?

Recruitment ads are important tools in attracting qualified candidates to a company. Posting ads on multiple websites can be time consuming, but there are ways to streamline the process. Here are some ways you can make it easier to post recruitment ads.

1) Write a job description.

This essential tool will give you the information you need to fill the job, but it can also serve as the text of your ad. Job descriptions should include the essential knowledge, skills and abilities required to be effective in the position. They should also include any physical requirements of the job, like standing or sitting for long periods of time, lifting objects or repetitive motions.

2) Determine where you will post your ad.

Post ads on national job boards. Large, well-known job boards will attract the biggest candidate pool. However, you may have many candidates who are not located in your geographic area, and many may be unqualified.

  • Advertise job openings on local job sites. Local boards will help you target only people who already live near your company. However, you may still receive a large quantity of applicants who don’t meet your qualifications.

  • Post recruitment ads on industry sites. Niche sites or industry-specific sites typically offer a smaller pool of better-qualified applicants, but you may have a number of people who are looking for relocation packages.

3) Standardize your text.

In each ad, use the same language to communicate information about your company. For individual job openings, change only the part that is specific to the job each time you post. For high-turnover positions that are continuously open, periodically change the introductory paragraph to keep it fresh and attractive to new job seekers.

4) Create a template.

Each posting site you use will ask for information like company information, salary, exempt status and hours in a slightly different format. Keeping a template for each site you use regularly will allow you to move quickly through each field.

5) Expand to social media.

Job postings on social media sites are far more informal and less structured than those posted on traditional job boards, so they take less time to post. Employers often find that they also produce a greater percentage of qualified candidates than postings on large job boards, because they’re more likely to be seen by people who are already employed in the target field.

6) Use auto-refresh.

Some job search websites have a feature that allows you to automatically re-post your ad after a specified number of days. This can be particularly useful for high turnover positions that are open continuously.

7) Learn the rules.

Each posting site has different rules as to what kinds of jobs can be posted and how often they can be posted. Study the terms of service so that you don’t have to spend extra time re-posting expired content.

8) Measure results.

Knowing which websites produce the greatest number of qualified candidates may help you cut back the number of sites you need to use. Tracking sources for your hires helps you eliminate sites that aren’t producing, which reduces the number of hours you spend posting ads.