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– Over 7 years of system analysis, design and development in Java/J2EE & Web 2.0 technologies.

– Proficient with Java, J2ee, Servlet, Struts2, JSP, Velocity, SQL, Hibernate, Spring, Web Services, XML, Ajax, JSON, JQuery, HTML, CSS, etc.

– Strong understanding of J2EE Architecture (Client, Web and Business tiers) and MVC pattern.

– Experience in developing Enterprise Applications on J2EE servers like TOMCAT and JBOSS.

– Hands on Experience in databases such as MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE.

– Experience on java based CMS such as POLOPOLY and ROXEN

– Experience in leading and managing small/medium sized and geographically diversified teams from inception to post production support.

– Demonstrated experience in both SDLC and SCRUM Agile development methodology

– Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills.



– Sun Certified Java Programmer

– 9/0X – 12/0X – MS, Computer Science, XYZ University

– 8/0X– 8/0X- MS, Computer Science, XYZ University

– 8/0X– 7/0X– BS, Computer Science, XYZ University



– Programming Languages: Java, PHP, XML,XSLT, UML, PL/SQL.

– J2EE Technologies: JSP, Velocity, Servlets, JDBC, Hibernate, Spring ,Struts2,Apache Solr

– Internet Technologies: Java Script ,AJAX, JQuery, JSON, SOAP, REST,CSS, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript

– J2EE Servers: Jakarta Tomcat, JBOSS.

– RDBMS: Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL and Oracle.

– Tools: Eclipse, TOAD, Ant, Maven2, CVS, SVN, Agile Pivotal Tracker, JIRA


– Reporting tools: KETTLE(ETL), Pentaho Report Design Studio, Pentaho Report Design Wizard



– “Can do” attitude

– Strong analytical and problem solving skills

– Ability to teach things easily

– Effective communication



ABC Co. Ltd. Sep 11 –Current

Senior Software Developer/Technical Lead


Redesigned and developed the XYZ website to conform to web 2.0 standards and incorporated revenue models like “Click per View” to increase overall revenue from the website. Incorporated functionality that allows the editors to dynamically edit and render content and functionality to dynamically migrate content from print media to the website using web services.

– Analyzed user requirements and formulated project scope and objectives.

– Led and managed a team of onshore and offshore developers responsible for the development of the website.

– Facilitated requirements meetings with the business, development team and other key stakeholders.

– Designed and developed functionality to migrate media content from print servers to a Polopoly based content management system using Web Services.

– Implemented various modules for the redesigned news website (standard article module, search module, video module, photo and image gallery module) using Polopoly, Spring, Java, xml, Velocity, Ajax, JSON, JQuery, HTML and CSS.

– Designed and developed various templates /layouts (index page, homepage, subsection/section page, etc.) in the CMS admin module that provides the editors to have the flexibility to add content in different sections.

– Designed and developed different elements such as Ad elements, HTML elements, RSS feed Elements, weather elements, etc. that can be rendered dynamically on the webpage.

– Integrated the news website with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter using Gigya (suite of tools such as social identity management, sharing of content, etc. to make a website social).

– Integrated varnish server for caching and purging web content.

– Created, maintained and provided input on project documentation (requirements, design documents, test plans)

– Coordinate development team activities and interaction with test groups to solve system defects

– Responsible for release management and build management.

– Technical Environment: J2EE, Apache Solr, Spring, Web Services, MySQL, Tomcat, JBoss, Polopoly, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, CSS, ant, Eclipse, Agile SCRUM, Hudson, Varnish, etc.


PQR Cp. Ltd. July XX–Aug XX

Senior Software Developer/Technical Lead

Led and managed a development team responsible for development of a web based catalog that can be used by the Sales Team to remotely market TV shows and series to their clients in over 150 countries. Supported multiple revenue streams for the company and reduced the overall sales cycle time (by eliminating the need to send screeners to client locations). Implemented functionality that allows clients to search for TV shows and series, create customized playlists, share playlists with other clients and place orders for specific TV shows and series.

– Analyzed user requirements and formulated project scope and objectives

– Led and managed a development team to implement a web based catalog using J2EE, Struts2, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Ajax, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

– Integrated Apache Solr search with the website that allows for efficient and fast searching of different TV catalogs (full-text search, faceted search and distributed search)

– Designed and developed playlist features that users can use to create their own custom playlists and share with others.

– Designed and developed a content ordering system where users can place orders and track order history.

– Designed views, stored procedures, DML and DDL statements in SQL server for all the modules of the system (catalogue details, order details, search, playlists, etc.)

– Developed a content transfer module to transfer short form files from Akamai to Brightcove server using FTP clients and Web Services.

– Responsible for release and build management.

– Technical Environment: J2EE, Hibernate, Struts2, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Ajax, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Apache Solr, Resin3, Web Services, Ant, Eclipse.


XYZ Co. Ltd. Apr XX– Jun XX

Sr. Software Developer

Development of web based applications for various departments of the university. Enhance existing web based applications; provide technical support and user training for all web based applications in the university.

– Analyzed user requirements and formulated project scope and objectives.

– Involved in system design using UML use-case diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams and component diagrams using Rational Rose modeling tool.

– Designed and developed a website for the university’s students to search and apply internships/opportunities.

– Developed enhancements to student application, admission and course registration process systems.

– Designed views, stored procedures and DML/DDL statements in SQL server for student registration and admissions process.

– Developed standalone plug-n-play modules (e.g. news, events and people modules) that are used in various departments.

– Providing technical support and user training for multiple projects.

– Performed defect analysis and root cause isolation in a timely manner.

– Technical Environment: JAVA, JSP, Servlet, Hibernate, Struts2, ROXEN CMS, XSL, SOAP, HTML, MYSQL, PHP, SQL Server, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, RSS, CSS, Eclipse, ANT, TOMCAT


XXX C. Ltd. June XX-July XX

Developed a web based Network/Order Management system that allows Verizon GNI and its’ customers to enter and track data/network orders.

– Analyzed user requirements and formulate project scope and objectives.

– Implemented business logic for the web services using J2EE components like EJB.

– Implemented XML parsers between the user interfaces and the database.

– Created and maintained project documentation.

– Coordinate development team activities and interaction with test groups to solve system defects

– Perform defect analysis and root cause isolation

– Technical Environment: J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Oracle, Web Sphere, XML, JavaScript.



– Chosen “Best Mentor of the year” for 20XX

– Led the “Best Team of the year” for 20XX



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