Nurses resume


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Career Summary

– Dedicated and compassionate nurse with four years of experience in both the NHS and private sectors.

– Initiate and support the healthcare professionals and ensure that patient care procedures are adhered to.

– Experience of taking care of patients with chronic conditions like heart attack or stroke etc.

– Prepare and manage medical report management application.

– Taking care of the patients recovering from amputations, cerebral vascular accidents etc.


Key Skills

– Excellent in providing counselling on Anaesthesia.

– Possess excellent ward management.

– Well verse with nursing audits.

– Excellent medical cauterizations.

Personality Traits

– Critical thinking for delivering patient care.

– Resourceful

– Possess excellent organization skills, which help to set priorities.

– Excellent team player and team leader.


Professional Experience

Hospital Name- XYZ

Nurse Aneshthesist

Aug 20**- Till Date

– Perform anaesthesia evaluation, perioperative anaesthesia and post-operative care.

– Gather medical history of patient for conducting evaluations.

– Council on anaesthesia processes, benefits and characteristics of options.

– Plan for emergency anaesthesia surgeries according to the disease and medical history of the patient.

– Conduct and provide training to the Intern nurses.


Hospital Name-XYZ

Charge Nurse

Jan 20**- Dec 20**

– Monitor the staff performance and patients regularly.

– Take consultation with the nurses for updates on conditions.

– Inform families and physicians about the progress updates.

– Conduct professional development trainings to give exposure to diverse cases

– Evaluate performance areas of the staff and provide them the feedbacks to refine their skills.

– Develop patient’s education on issues like diabetes, analgesics, cardio diseases, paralysis etc.



– Worked as member of Indian Association of nurses Anaesthetists from June 20** to Feb 20**.

– President of Indian Nurses Association from Jan 20** – April 20**.


Academic Qualifications

– Successfully completed CRNA from “XYZ”in 20**.

– Successfully completed PALS Course from”XYZ” in 20**.

– B.Sc. (Nursing) From “XYZ” in 20**.


Personal Details

– Date of Birth: 15 Dec 19**.

– Languages known: Hindi and English.

– Address: XYZ.